Lauren Garcimonde-Fisher



I'm a producer & project manager,
who works with brands & creative teams to get things done well: on time, on Spec, and on budget.

I'm really good at producing: 

High-quality creative work to bring strategy to life regardless of budget (like videos, digital content, advertising, logos and design, events)

Research assignments to better understand consumers

Strategies and foundational brand documents to make sure everyone is sharing a consistent vision and message

Media plans to deliver the right message to the right audience

Even producing agencies through the development of operational practices that make your agency run most smoothly and keep your team motivated


Throughout my career, I've been: 

Achieving client and agency goals

Inspiring team members and partners to produce the best work

Creating on-strategy content and award-winning ads

Producing emotionally-engaging photos and footage

Crafting and executing digital, qualitative, and quantitative research projects

Planning, scheduling, budgeting, and allocating resources

Managing large, medium, and small projects

Developing processes and policies

Fostering company culture and employee growth

Nimble, detail-oriented, and versatile


I love: 

Figuring out the smartest way to do something

Making clients happy

Building the right teams for the best work

Growing myself and others

Sunshine on my shoulders, music in my ears, and a book on my Kindle 

Y, hablo espaƱol.


Download my resume here.

Check me out on LinkedIn.